Road Construction Ahead

FRANKFORT – Additional improvements to South Suburban roads and bridges are set to commence in 2022 thanks to the bipartisan Rebuild Illinois program.

The plan, championed by State Senator Michael E. Hastings, will provide residents of the South Suburbs with faster commutes, safer intersections, and fewer potholes.

“When we passed the Rebuild Illinois program, we made the largest long-term infrastructure investment in the history of our state,” Hastings said. “It is thrilling to witness that investment in public safety and job creation begin to pay off.”

2022 will see the commencement of 13 projects totaling $70,948,000 in investments along I-57 and I-80, both of which traverse a large portion of the 19th District.

These projects are a part of IDOT’s Multi-Year Plan, which outlines $20.7 billion in statewide construction projects for the next six fiscal years through Rebuild Illinois. Of that total, $3.32 billion will be invested in statewide projects that begin in 2022, spurring the state’s COVID-19 recovery effort.

“In 2019, we could not have known how desperately our economy would need the stimulus a massive infrastructure program can provide,” Hastings said. “Rebuild Illinois is going to play a key role in our state’s recovery. Our people have the chance to find good paying, sustainable jobs that can lift them into prosperity after such a turbulent year.”

For a complete list of upcoming projects in the 19th District, visit IDOT’s website.

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SPRINGFIELD – Workers at high hazard facilities could soon be required to undergo advanced safety training thanks to legislation passed by the Senate Executive Committee yesterday.

State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort) is the chief sponsor of this initiative.

“Safety training is crucial at every job site, but the need at facilities where workers are handling dangerous substances is especially prudent,” Hastings said. “Those who have gone through proper training are statistically less likely to be at risk of making a mistake that could result in an accident. We cannot afford to lose lives on the job site due to neglect, and we certainly cannot afford to let these dangerous chemicals seep into our communities.”

This initiative is a response to a 2012 Chevron refinery explosion and subsequent fire in Richmond, Cal. According to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, approximately 15,000 people from the surrounding communities sought medical treatment at nearby medical facilities for ailments including breathing problems, chest pain, shortness of breath, sore throat, and headaches following the incident. Approximately 20 of these people were admitted to local hospitals as inpatients for treatment.

Under House Bill 3437, the Illinois Department of Labor would be required to develop a curriculum of approved advanced safety training for workers at high hazard facilities. These building and construction contractors would be required to pay prevailing wage and use a skilled and trained workforce to perform all onsite work at petroleum refining facilities, petrochemical manufacturing facilities, ethyl alcohol manufacturing facilities, and basic organic chemical manufacturing facilities. If these contractors fail to do so, they could face a monetary penalty.

In addition to these safety provisions, two measures to increase workforce diversity at these facilities would be implemented.

No pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program would be allowed to require a recommendation from a union member or any other person as a condition of acceptance. Job site demographics would also be reported and compared to demographics of the county the facility resides in. If the workforce demographics do not match, the apprenticeship program or contractor must make it a priority to achieve this goal.

“Job sites ought to reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods and I strongly encourage all contractors to take that into consideration,” Hastings said. “A diverse work force is a skilled work force.”

This legislation now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

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SPRINGFIELD – To prevent the exploitation of veterans and promote the availability of free service programs, State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort) passed a measure through the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Tuesday that seeks to penalize deceptive service providers.

“The past year has demonstrated just how easy it can be for those with malicious intent to take advantage of the innocent,” Hastings said. “It is our obligation to protect our veterans from these bad actors.”

Under House Bill 3865, any advertisement for veteran and military service benefits must include that these services are available free of charge from federal, state and county veteran service offices.

Additionally, the failure to disclose the availability of veteran service programs in advertisements relating to these services would be declared unlawful.

“This is a step we can take to ensure our veterans are not taken advantage of,” Hastings said. “They need to know their government stands ready to provide quality services, which they have earned many times over.”

This legislation awaits consideration by the full Senate.

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RICHTON PARK - The Village of Richton Park was named a recipient of a $90,679 grant through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunity program, State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort) announced Thursday. 

“Routine infrastructure upkeep is a key component to thriving communities,” Hastings said. “Because of this grant, made possible through the Rebuild Illinois construction program, the people of Richton Park can rest easy knowing their critical infrastructure will remain first class.”

The money will be used to implement the next phase of the Town Center Stormwater Improvements project, retrofitting an existing 0.4-acre dry detention basin to increase its storm water storage capacity and convert it to a wet bottom detention basin. The current dry detention basin has an outflow pipe that immediately delivers storm water from the basin directly into the Butterfield Creek East Branch Tributary.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the Village of Richton Park. The Village has been awarded close to $5 million so far in this $24 million project,” said Michael Wegrzyn, director of Public Works. “Through this grant, the Village will be one step closer to reducing the flooding in this area, benefiting all the residents of Richton Park.”

The project site was chosen by the Village due to its close proximity to the Village’s Town Center and its location upstream of flood impact areas. The Village applied for a GIGO grant from Illinois EPA with a total project budget of $120,905, with Illinois EPA providing $90,679 in grant funds and the Village providing $30,226 in match.


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