SPRINGFIELD – Veterans would receive veteran-specific care upon entry to medical facilities thanks to State Senator Michael E. Hastings’ Senate Resolution 56, which was adopted today.

“Most healthcare providers do not conduct a standard military inquiry upon a patient’s visit,” Hastings said. “Many of our veterans face challenges to their physical and mental health that are particular to their situation. To give them the best possible care using veteran-specific practices, healthcare providers should be aware of their veteran status.”

SR 56, an initiative of the Aging Veterans Council, would require healthcare providers to ask their patients if they or their spouse has ever served in the military. In addition, all staff responsible for the patient would be made aware of their status and would be provided education on best practices for veteran-specific care.

“Only 16 percent of veterans receive their health care from VA clinics. This leaves 84 percent of veterans being cared for by healthcare providers who are not necessarily aware of their veteran status or familiar with the best practices for treating them.”

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Tinley Park) released the following statement regarding Gov. JB Pritzker’s Budget Address this afternoon.

"It's an exciting new day in Illinois, and I am proud to say we finally have a governor who understands the challenges of the good people of Illinois and is ready to take them head on,” Hastings said.

While there is no doubt Illinois faces its share of problems, Senator Hastings said he feels encouraged by the path being followed in the current administration.

“Gov. Pritzker outlined today the serious challenges we face in Illinois. We have a state budget deficit that we must correct. We need to create jobs and opportunity for all Illinoisans,” he added. “We have many people facing hardships: in our jails and prisons because they have mental health disorders that go untreated; out of work and struggling because they can't afford health care and the medications they need. It is our duty to improve our economy, shore up our budget and give hope to many facing difficult times.”

Senator Hastings looks forward to the chance to lead discussions on how to best present solutions to the people of Illinois.

“As chairman of the Senate Executive Committee, I will help lead discussions this year on our most difficult issues, and I look forward to working with the governor and my colleagues to make Illinois stronger and better tomorrow than it is today,” he said.

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March1 RS

SPRINGFIELD – Stability for working class families in Illinois is closer to reality, thanks to State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Tinley Park). Hastings voted in favor of Senate Bill 1, which would gradually increase the minimum wage over the next six years.

"The passage of this historic measure is long overdue," Hastings said. "Over the past decade, workers have not seen a change in the minimum wage, but they have seen an increase in the cost of living."

The last time the General Assembly raised the minimum wage was in 2010. If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, the current wage would be nearly $10 an hour. According to a 2017 report by the Washington Post, a full-time worker would need to earn $21 an hour to afford the average rent on a two bedroom apartment in Illinois.

"My district voted in 2014 to increase the minimum wage and I heard them. I also heard those that work in industries like home health care and those with developmental disabilities. They have tough jobs and deserve to get paid a fair working wage," Hastings said. "But it is important to take into consideration how employers and businesses implement the wage increase."

Senate Bill 1 includes tax credit to small businesses to assist with the implementation of the higher wages. The credit is available to all qualified employers, whether for profit or not-for-profit, who have an obligation to withhold taxes from their employees' wages. The credit will reduce the amount of employee withheld wages that the employer will not be required to remit to the Department of Revenue.

Senate Bill 1 passed the Senate and will now move to the House for consideration.

Senate Bill 1

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SPRINGFIELD – Homeowners and small businesses across the South Suburbs will see decreases in their property tax bills under a new state grant program that seeks to provide relief to school districts in high-taxed areas.

State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Tinley Park) is proud to announce that community school districts received over $4.9 million dollars from the Property Tax Relief Grant that was included in the historic school funding reform law.

The new school funding formula advocated for by Hastings has already provided millions of dollars in new state funds to school districts that need it the most. In the first year alone, the 19th State Senate District received nearly $20 million in additional state funding.

“The people of the Southland are trying to do their very best to provide our children with an exceptional education and an excellent quality of life,” Hastings said. “Illinois’ families have a school funding formula in place to ensure schools are funded the right way to help homeowners find property tax savings and guarantee our children receive the best possible educational opportunities.”

Several local school districts will be eligible for the tax relief grant, including:
• Bremen Community High School District 228 ($3,541,127)
• Rich Township High School District 227 ($2,736,497.20)
• Homewood Flossmoor Community High School District 233 ($1,963,818.30)
• Elementary School District 159 ($242,794.24)

In order to receive the state grant, eligible school districts must submit an abatement resolution to their county clerks by March 30. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will then distribute the grants once receiving all abatement certificates.

More information on the Property Tax Relief Grant and a listing of each eligible school district can be found at www.ISBE.net/proptaxrelief.


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